If "Shi" is fingers and "Atsu" pressure, Shiatsu can only mean finger pressure! This Holistic Therapy aims to balance the flow of vital energy throughout the body through knowledge of Chinese medicine that integrates principles of western anatomy, physiology and pathology.


Shiatsu Porto | How it works?

According to the premise of Shiatsu, our body is energetic and instead of talking about blood circulating through the veins, we talk about vital energy. In this way, this therapy verifies at which points on the body there is an accumulation or lack of energy to balance the flow and restore health. It does this through a pressure massage on acupuncture points and energy channels. Restoring the normal flow of energy, the patient improves physical, mental, emotional and mental functioning.


Shiatsu Porto | With what results?

The advantages of Shiatsu in Porto range from prevention to maintaining your physical and mental health. This method stimulates all body functions and systems, improves muscle flexibility, regulates the autonomic nervous system, reduces muscle pain and tension and increases energy, among other benefits.


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Transportation Service

For a even more relaxing experience, our massage SPA in Porto offers a personalized transportation service to our costumers. Talk to us.

Special Treats

For your well-being, we treat our costumers with a glass of champagne before the massage and a cup of tea with cookies afterwards. Enjoy the best of Porto.