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Tantric philosophy has been winning supporters for over 4,500 years and it is no coincidence! Tantra, a word that joins the expression tan (expansion) and tra (liberation), aims to help people expand their self-knowledge, break free and relax to discover themselves and others. Based on tantra, Tantric Massage is done all over the body and even includes touching the genitals.


What is a Tantric Massage?

It is a massage that redistributes the sexual energies of the body, expanding sensitivity and providing more intense experiences.
It differs from a conventional muscle and tendon massage, where it is performed through subtle finger maneuvers and aims to stimulate the sensory channels of your entire body to awaken the senses and distribute energy (not relax the muscles). Can you have an orgasm? Yes it can, but the goal of Tantric Massage is not that. It is to increase sensory perception and identify pleasurable body zones. Do not forget that it is a therapy, does not involve masturbation.

Sensitive massages Porto | What are the main benefits?

  • Self knowledge of the body.
  • Exploration and intensification of sensations.
  • Strengthening of various muscles, particularly pelvic and genitals.
  • Activation of various energetic and erogenous points.
  • Eradication of blockages and sexual dysfunctions.
  • Relationship improvement between couples.
  • Promotion of balance and well-being.



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