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A Tantric Massage does not have to be done solo. It is also possible to make for two to break with habits that prevent the couple from experiencing sexual pleasure with full intensity.


What is a Couples Massage?

It is a massage for two in Porto that aims to bring a couple closer awakening to the shared pleasure and inciting to seek new experiences and emotions. This therapy helps in discovering orgasmic ability because it leads the couple to break free of fears and reach a new level of confidence.

Do not hesitate to look for a couple massage in Porto to spice up your relationship!


Couples Massage Porto | What are the main benefits?

  • Greater body awareness.
  • Awaken dormant sensory regions.
  • Recognize and control states of arousal.
  • Boost greater volume of orgasms and multiple orgasms.
  • Recognize the various points of pleasure through the senses.
  • Increase intimacy.


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